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The professional staff at Baysinger Design Group is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health to conduct building inspections, management planning, and project abatement design services. We have provided these environmental services to a variety of educational K-12 school districts, commercial clients and private individuals over the years. Our depth of experience, knowledge of the appropriate regulations, and commitment to client satisfaction are the reasons why our clients continue to utilize these services from project to project.

Asbestos Inspections

Because federal and state regulations require that buildings must be inspected for Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) prior to demolition or renovation, an inspection of any suspect materials is the first step for any building owner considering a renovation or demolition project. Current regulations state that a building owner is to presume building materials to be ACM unless proven otherwise. Baysinger Design Group conducts a variety of inspections which appropriately identify and quantify these materials. We then provide the building owner reasonable corrective actions, plans to manage ACM, and various other recommendations based on years of experience. Included within the different types of inspections which Baysinger Design Group performs are the Three Year AHERA Inspections required for Illinois K-12 School Districts. Our inspectors are EPA accredited, IDPH licensed and experienced to ensure the building owner of an accurate and thorough inspection.

Asbestos Abatement Design

Federal and State regulations require that most asbestos containing materials which are to be removed must be done so by a project which is designed by individuals who are EPA accredited and IDPH licensed. The staff at Baysinger Design Group holds these licenses and is therefore able to oversee all phases of a project from review of all tested materials, preliminary abatement design, to development of a project manual and bid documents. Our design team is experienced in managing all phases of the abatement project as well including conducting relevant meetings, review of contractor's applications for payment and performance of construction inspection services.

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